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Weather prediction

(for Smart mowing)

Note: For Smart mowing, enter your location (latitude/longitude). Recommended mower cutting height setting is '5'.
Location: Latitude Longitude
Smart calendar

hours for Smart mowing)

Hint: Click on a day or between hours for a complete row or column
Machine info

Cloud info


How does the communication work?
Your web browser sends your command to the server that itself sends the command to your robot. The robot sends back the answer to the server that itself sends the answer to your browser.

How to (re-)setup robot If you find an error on this web interface, please send console output for reviewing:
  1. In Firefox/Chrome, press CTRL+SHIFT+I, and choose 'Console' tab
  2. Right-click and choose 'Select all', then 'copy' and paste console output into a new text document
  3. Send the console output for reviewing


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